toi o tahuna

  Gareth Barlow

Gareth Barlow Gareth Barlow was born in Lower Hutt and started his career as a commercial artist in the printing industry.

Gareth is an established carver with a number of works displayed in major public collections in Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua, as well as private collections around the world. Recently his artistic focus has broadened to include large-scale acrylic on canvas paintings and mixed media on paper.

Gareth draws inspiration from the culture and history of New Zealand, Maori art and mythology. He uses an essence of Maori art where small design elements and motifs come together to tell a story.

Gareth’s current work symbolises the land where he grew up and incorporates images of past Rangatira. The inclusion of these great chiefs represent the Tangata Whenua who are buried in the land, the same land his own ancestors are buried, six generations deep.

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